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Advocates at Compass CHC: Tyler Bowden LLB, GCILEX
Advocates at Compass CHC: Kia Jago LLB
Advocates at Compass CHC: Andrew Carman GCILEX
Advocates at Compass CHC: Helen Curtis LLB (Hons), BMSC
Advocates at Compass CHC: Georgina Thompson LLB, LLM
What is our success rate for securing NHS continuing healthcare funding?
I want to move my relative to a care home in a different CCG catchment area; is this possible?
Social Services, financial assessments & NHS Continuing Healthcare explained
Why is the CCG taking so long to complete the continuing healthcare assessment?

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the-impact-of-coronavirus-on-chc-funding 5th August 2020

What has the impact of Coronavirus been on Continuing Healthcare Funding?

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1st April 2020


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