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Diane Ferris

Diane Ferris | Review left on Trust Pilot

My husband had vascular dementia and DST forms were completed for NHS funding, one on discharge from hospital and one after admission to a Nursing home. Both were turned down.

We approached Compass Continuing Healthcare who said we had a case. An appeal was commenced early in 2017. After interminable delays because hospital and homes obstructed things by tardy release of documents a hearing took place in May 2019. From hospital records it showed there had been a number of untruths on the first DST and the panel decided the original decision was wrong and we received a refund.

In May 2019 a further DST was completed and despite our appeal victory we were again refused funding. Another appeal commenced and then Covid came along which was the excuse for yet more delays.

However, we have now received a verdict that this DST decision was wrong and we are to get another refund.

Without the expert knowledge of Compass we would not have been successful. However I do believe that Compass could have communicated more frequently with reports on what was going on. My husband died in December 2019.

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