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Fiona Sharples

Fiona Sharples | Review left on Trust Pilot

I contacted Compass CHC to discuss whether I had a case for a retrospective review of my late fathers care home fees. I received a call from them where they fully and competently explained the process and the cost and I forwarded them the DST's. They called me back to confirm that they thought we had a strong case and I agreed to go ahead with a claim.

Throughout the process Compass CHC dealt with me empathetically, professionally and efficiently. They were extremely knowledgeable of the process, kept me fully informed and up to date throughout and settled my case favourably within 3 years. Given that I had tried for over a year previously to begin the process with the NECSU, only to be continuously stalled by them with a variety of weak excuses as to why we couldn't have a retrospective review, I believe that the fee paid to Compass CHC was money well spent.

The time and effort alone that I would have had to have spent engaging with the NECSU with limited knowledge and experience would have been exhausting and CHC took all of the stress of dealing with that away from me.

I cannot thank them enough and would recommend them to anybody in my situation.

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