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Ian Hobson

Ian Hobson | Review left on Trust Pilot

Following my fathers rapid decline in due to dementia and a number of other health related issues, I began to investigate the potential for NHS CHC funding as it was clear that he would need full time care in the not too distant future.

Having researched extensively the process to secure funding, and reading the numerous horror stories regarding funding refusal, appeals and extensive time delays I decided I needed assistance in perusing my fathers claim. Having searched the internet for companies able to support me, and after reading reviews on each I decided to contact Compass. My initial discussions with them were informative and it was felt that my fathers declining condition warrantied a claim for full funding. I therefore employed Compass to take on my fathers case.

They were extremely thorough in assembling all my fathers health records and compiled a comprehensive defence. I also decided to secure Compass’s advocate service to attend the Continuing Healthcare DST assessment in my behalf, which I am pleased to report was successful, giving me peace of mind that my father would be able to benefit from the care he deserved and needed.

Without the services of Compass, I believe I would have struggled to secure the funding and I am glad I let them fight the case in my behalf.

I can not recommend their services highly enough.

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