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Nigel Ward

Nigel Ward | Review left on Trust Pilot

My Mum has dementia and was admitted into Hospital with a Broken hip, the operation was a success but she was recklessly discharged with no care plan back to the Residential Home. As a result she was back in Hospital within 20 hours. She also contracted pneumonia while in Hospital. I raised a formal complaint and a DST was arranged, I did my research but was not sufficiently aware of the different elements in the review, in retrospect the DST did not go to the detailed level which was required to provide an accurate assessment of the challenges my Mum faces and the support required.

In frustration I reached out to Compass CHC, I had the initial chat and to be honest I was sceptical about what I was been told: that my Mums condition was highly likely to meet the criteria for Continuing Health Care.

My scepticism was based on the fact such companies can just agree with you that it is wrong and then don’t deliver. I also would add that this was my last chance to sort this and was at a level of desperation, getting the right support for my Mum and facing fees of nearly £200k per annum.

Compass CHC were initially engaged to appeal the decision on funding, however before this could be progressed another DST was scheduled and I paid extra for an Advocate to attended. The Advocate rang me prior to the meeting in preparation and we both attended the DST together. In short he was spot!. Well researched with an eye for detail , very business-like and not adversarial, just focused on the best outcome for his client.

The outcome was Fully Funded care for my Mum, but more importantly it has changed the delivery of care my Mum is now receiving from the attention and focus the case brought.

As my Mums primary carer and only child, I know exactly her thoughts on what outcomes she would have wanted.

Compass CHC delivered! Thank you.

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