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Should I have to pay Care Home Fees?

Not necessarily, we can secure funding for you or your loved ones to ensure you don't have to! Just complete our short online survey to see if you qualify.

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At Compass Continuing Healthcare we are unique in that we specialise in securing funding from day one.  We know our clients do not want to pay the care fees for months, or even years, and then incur thousands of pounds and many hours seeking to recover the fees in the future.  We help secure funding on an ongoing basis so there are no fees to pay.  Why pay care fees and then try to recover them?  We can stop the fees now.

The average cost of care for a nursing home in England and Wales is over £800 a week, and can be considerably higher. As such paying for care homes and paying for care whilst remaining in the family home can be extremely expensive. An individual’s entire life savings being spent on their care, often with the family home having to be sold to meet the costs.

However if an individual’s primary need for care is a health need the full cost of their care should be paid by the NHS via funding called continuing healthcare funding (also known as CHC funding).

Make sure you watch the video by Martin Lewis from Money Saving Expert explaining how to cover care home fees.

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Martin Lewis

Talks about care homes fees on ITV Daybreak. Click here to watch his talk.


"My father-in-law, who had been given a terminal diagnosis, had reached the point where he was immobile. The local GP, advised admission to hospital and suggested following that a Nursing Home ought to be considered, and that he would have to be self-funding."

Dr Michael Foster | Blandford Forum

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