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31st July 2019

From how your loved one will be kept safe to activities programmes, we answer the top questions people have when their loved one goes into a care home.

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30th July 2019

When people think of care homes they often have their own misconceptions and concerns about certain things, in this article we debunk the myths.

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24th June 2019

When a loved one goes into care, what do you do with their belongings? We talk about some of the best ways to sort through their assets.

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20th June 2019

Deciding whether a care home is the right choice for your loved one can be a daunting decision, we ask bloggers and experts for their advice.

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11th June 2019

Thousands of vulnerable patients in England are missing out on NHS funding for care that they are legally entitled to. Some families say they have spent nearly all their life savings on filling the gaps.

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28th May 2019

A book fair, cake sale or marathon run, there are hundreds of ways you can raise money for a care home close to your heart.

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23rd May 2019

Flowers, pets, music and sweet treats are all great gifts to take when visiting your loved one in a care home. Read our blog to find out why.

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29th April 2019

The term continuing healthcare can be a confusing and scary one, in this blog we uncover the history behind this style of funding.

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tea pot and teacups in a care home 31st July 2019

Frequently asked questions about care homes

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Lady talking to nurse 30th July 2019

Common misconceptions of care homes

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