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27th February 2018

We have looked at what is classed as a primary health need during the continuing healthcare funding process.

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25th February 2018

Appealing an NHS continuing healthcare decision can be time consuming (people can wait for months, or even years) and very distressing for individuals and their families.

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22nd February 2018

With stories in the news of more terminally ill patients losing their continuing healthcare funding, Compass CHC's Managing Director Tim Davies has offered his views on the issues.

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20th February 2018

The process of applying for Continuing Healthcare can be a confusing one, so we have outlined the various stations of the process below.

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13th February 2018

As one of our most frequently asked questions, we have looked to shed some light on the query above.

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02nd January 2018

After a major breakthrough, a drug to treat Alzheimer’s could be just five years away.

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15th November 2017

Compass CHC employee gives back to the community by working as a pet therapy volunteer in spare time

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31st October 2017

Systemic failure in the care home sector is leaving the majority of people with limited choice and half of people needing care having to wait for a bed, according to new research by Which?

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