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Joanna A

Joanna A | Surrey

We used Compass to try to secure Continuing Care for my father.  We were told at the outset we had a strong case and at that point in time (2015) they had never lost a case so we were confident.  He was turned down after the DST, we went to appeal and lost again (by this stage my father had died).  We took it all the way to NHS England for the independent panel review, this was slower as it was 'retrospective'.  

We had a successful outcome after the final appeal in early 2019 and a large part of his fees were reimbursed.  

Compass were brilliant all the way through, even with a change of advocate at the last minute (which at the time troubled me somewhat but I needn't have worried) - all of their staff are highly trained in this field and I can't recommend them highly enough. 

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