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John Phipps

John Phipps | West Sussex

We turned to Compass CHC for help when, my brother-in-law, who suffered from very advanced Alzheimer’s  and other severe health problems, had suffered a fall and was in hospital.  The hospital could clearly do no more for him and he needed full time nursing preferably in a nursing home. 

We found ourselves at the mercy of very unhelpful social services employees, and with a dearth of information or help, realised that we needed some professional assistance to find our way through the Continuing Care funding nightmare.

We used Compass for this help and found them to be totally supportive, extremely knowledgeable, and very caring.  Thanks to their input and support we managed to get Continuing Care very early in the process and this has given the peace of mind that we need at this difficult time.

I would therefore not hesitate to recommend this professional team at Compass CHC.

John Phipps

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