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Mr MG | London

On hearing of our plight, friends that had already used the Compass service recommended that we give them a call. We had lost our father, leaving our mother, with vascular dementia and Alzheimers needing specialist care. Social workers were only interested in finding out what assets my mother owned, rather than openly explaining our rights.

This was rectified with a call to Compass, who asked the required questions relating to the checklist. They soon advised that we had a “good case” for funding. The local authority continued to push back and, on Compass’ advice, we took them to appeal. Our advocate (Miss Masumah Akbar) was excellent in calmly explaining the complexities within the varying components of the checklist/DST that should lead to funding being available.

Result - full CHC funding awarded, over £50,000 returned in fees paid to date (including interest) and ongoing funding agreed.

Compass handled the whole process professionally, skilfully and efficiently and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

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