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Mr Pretty

Mr Pretty | Nottingham

Applying for Continuing Care can be quite daunting. It's not well known about and not properly understood even among healthcare professionals outside those directly working in Continuing Care. If we had relied on or listened to the advice of some of the nurses and others visiting my mother then I suspect we would not have been successful. One Mental Health Nurse offered to help us do an application but freely admitted that she had never had a successful one and that perhaps she didn't know the 'right tricks'.

We were grateful therefore that we had already employed Compass to help us. They obtained all my Mother's hospital records and went through them diligently to prepare the case. There were a lot of them as my Mother had spent two spells in three different hospitals totaling ten months since the end of 2016. The letter of representation to the CCG that they submitted on our behalf was eighty six pages long. We also had an advocate at the initial checklist meeting and another at the DST assessment meeting who were both very thorough, professional and supportive of our case on each occasion.

Thankfully we had a successful outcome and my Mother was granted fully funded care. I can certainly recommend Compass. It may seem an expensive outlay initially but actually it only amounts to a few weeks worth of care home fees so soon pays for itself.

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