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Mrs J. Cornwell

Mrs J. Cornwell | Derbyshire

We would like to thank Tim Davies and Natasha Cattel of Compass Continuing Healthcare for the advice, support and work that they have provided to us.  We were not happy with a continuing health care assessment that our mother underwent whilst resident in hospital.  Given our mother had lost capacity as regards her needs for care and treatment, as sisters, we were part of the process that took place.  In short the assessment process was poor in our opinion; not taking into account our mother's illnesses/conditions, capacity issues, presentation in hospital, history before admission, risks and long term health needs.  Our mother presented as unpredictable with many risks.  Nursing care was required on discharge; which we agreed was necessary.

We contacted Compass Continuing Healthcare who listened and showed care towards ourselves and our mother.  From the information we gave they advised, that in their opinion, our mother qualified for continuing health care.  However, they would need to assess further through medical records for evidence from other sources i.e. medical opinion.  This they did and advised that, in their opinion, our mother did qualify and there was evidence in medical records to support this.  They communicated with the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) involved with the Continuing Healthcare Assessment.  They highlighted the areas that they felt were incorrect from evidence that they had found.  There were great problems in being able to receive a consistent response from the CCG.  Compass Continuing Healthcare did not give up on this and at times contacted the CCG on a daily basis for a response.

Although we would have continued to pursue this ourselves, we would not have had the knowledge and expertise.  Compass Continuing Healthcare had this expertise and knowledge and were able to deal with the process efficiently and correctly.  For instance, The CCG tried to do a reassessment rather than deal with the appeal on the initial assessment.

Compass Continuing Healthcare won our case on behalf of our mother.  We are extremely grateful for their efficiency, expertise, knowledge and understanding.  Throughout they were very considerate to our needs and we appreciated this.  We would certainly recommend this organisation to others.

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