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Mrs M. Dorward

Mrs M. Dorward | Tyne and Wear

I would like to say a huge thank you to Compass and all of the team, but a special thank you to Tim, Helen and Andrew who are extremely professional and knowledgeable and helped to secure full funding for my mother. Without their help and support my mother would still have been paying her own care home fees these past months. I will certainly be seeking their help going forward, which unfortunately comes around so quickly, as once funding is secured there is then a 3 month review, then yearly reviews where the decision can be turned around.   

Initially I was a little apprehensive in contacting Compass, but i had no reason to as it was the best thing I ever did, and I would urge anyone who feels their family member has been incorrectly assessed to contact Compass in the first instance. They are so helpful, and after an initial telephone consultation, will advise if they feel securing funding is justified, judged on each individual case. They checked through all of my mother’s care home records and compiled a lengthy representation. On three occasions I had an advocate come to the care home and attend various DST meetings. Through their extensive knowledge and professionalism they were able to secure funding for my mother. Had I not had their help and support my mother would still have been self-funding this past year. The cost of each stage of the process only equates to roughly a months’ care home fees, which is a drop in the ocean compared to the cost if having to self-fund going forward. I will certainly be seeking their help once again, should they feel my mother still warrants funding, at the forthcoming yearly review.  Many many thanks Compass. Extra special thank you to Helen and apologies for the delay in posting my review.

Mrs M. Dorward - Tyne and Wear

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