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Tanya Wells Brown and Hayley Brown

Tanya Wells Brown and Hayley Brown | Oxfordshire

We had received a recommendation from a friend to use the services of Compass CHC. When my sister and I initially reached out to them Compass were very honest in stating that they did not feel Mum met the requirements. We appreciated that honest response.
However, unfortunately mum deteriorated rapidly over a few months so that she could no longer be cared for at home and we had to move her into a care home. Her deterioration was constant and she very clearly did meet the requirements for funding. However, after a delayed and protracted CHC assessment process mum was refused. We approached Compass again and we felt very strongly that we had a legitimate case and Compass concurred. The staff at Compass did an amazing job of compiling all of the relevant information. They were informative when they needed to be and are always responsive when you ask questions. Our first advocate was extremely well prepared and we were quite shocked when we lost our first appeal.

We took some time to decide whether to proceed to the level of NHS England. During that time Compass staff were available and responsive to our questions. In all of my interactions with them, I found them to be honest, pragmatic and factual. We did decide to take proceed and in October of this year we received notification from NHS England that the initial funding decision had been overturned. We are extremely grateful to Compass. Both the advocates we had were amazing. Well prepared, well versed with the process and calm.

I would highly recommend the services of Compass.

Tanya Wells Brown and Hayley Brown

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