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The Finch Family

The Finch Family | Suffolk/Surrey

Does what it says on the tin - Compass Continuing Healthcare were successful in winning our claim for continued health care (CHC) funding. I wasn't able to find too many comments on the internet about claiming for CHC funding but have been relieved to find how professional and effective Compass are at what they do.

My mother has advanced stages dementia, has had falls and one seizure over the last year. She had been in a care home for 8 months when we asked Compass to manage our CHC claim. Compass identified that she was eligible for the funding. This CHC process is clearly an incredibly complex one and I can imagine it would have been very stressful having to work with the NHS to make the claim, I feel I've been spared that worry! Claim took nearly a year to complete but funding is backdated to the checklist date.

Cost for Compass's work has amounted to equivalent of less than 5 weeks care costs so has already been totally worth doing. Ongoing we will use Compass to support us through the NHS CHC care reviews to ensure funding is maintained.

Very grateful to Compass.

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